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SR Premier Metal Works In Allen, TX

We specialize in metal works in Allen, TX. Our goal is to provide contractors in Allen with top-tier metal works and excellent communication. These are two needs we saw in Allen and filled. Our metal fabrication lab is accessible to all through our work with contractors. 

We partner with contractors directly and supply them with the fabricated metal needed to complete projects. There is no need for a project to be delayed while the contractor waits for the metal to be delivered, our fabrication lab supplies you with the material needed to complete your project. 

The metal fabrication can be completed usually within 24 hours. This quick process will have you back on the job site in no time, ready to complete the project and book your next one.

Contractor To Contractor

Our B2B model of metal fabrication is designed to benefit the contractor and consumer. We work with contractors directly so they can work with the consumer to satisfy their project needs. Our aim is to be the go-to place for all contractors’ metal fabrication needs. 

We work with all contractors, but primarily we help with residential and commercial roofing contractors, general contractors, and home builders in Allen, TX. If you are a contractor in need of metal fabrication work, we are ready to serve you and your client.  

There’s no need to delay your client’s project while you wait for the metal your ordered to arrive when you can contact us. Let us know what you need and we can get started on it. Partner with us and guarantee yourself repeat clients with our high-quality products and your own personal handiwork. We can also assist with the installation services if needed. 

Communication Is Key

Communication among contractor-to-contractor projects is something that is lacking in Allen, TX. That’s why we make this one of our priorities, and you and your client are happier about it. With elevated expectations for communication, we can guarantee you repeat clients. Happy consumers over a job well done is the goal, but unfortunately, it is not the industry standard.  

While it may not be the industry standard, it is our standard. Work with us to experience what high-quality metal works and clear communication can do for you.

Endless Customizable Options

We are a local metal fabrication shop with endless customizable options. We have various types of metals in a wide variety of different colors. You can allow your clients to dream big and get exactly what they envisioned with our local metal fabrication shop. 

If you are a contractor in Allen, TX, you have come to the right place. Our custom metal fabrication options are exactly what you need to satisfy your consumer, and we specialize in both commercial and residential metal fabrication needs. We’ve got you and your client covered for all metal needs, including chimneys, roofs, and gutters.

SR Premier Metal Works can supply you with chimney chases, decorative shrouds, and flashing. For roofing needs, we can supply you with standing seam roofing, metal coping for commercial projects, bay windows, and so much more. 

High-Quality Metal Fabrication In Allen, TX

We take great pride in our quality of metal fabrication and our ability to get the material to the contractor quickly. Our process is fast and efficient as there is no need to wait for the metal you ordered days ago to be delivered. 

We can fabricate it and you can pick it up as soon as it is ready, or we can help with the installation process as well. These are the two different types of fabrication services available, one is Fabrication Only and the other is Turnkey. Fabrication Only gives you, the contractor, the option to order your material and handle the installation yourself. Turnkey allows you to order the metal and if for whatever reason you can’t install it, we can install it for you.

If you need custom metal fabrication for your project, work with Allen’s most trusted and reliable metal works. Together, you and our team at SR Premier Metal Works can cover Allen, TX in high-quality metal.