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About Us

Here at SR Premier Metal Works, we prioritize the needs of your team and your project. When contractors need metalworking experts to call in on any roofing job, SR Premier Metal Works is the number one destination! You can trust us to assist with any fabrication and metal work that needs to be replaced or constructed, and we’ll work hard to ensure you see the results you want. When contractors contact us to help out on whatever project they’re working on, they know they’ll be getting a high quality of service. We always do our best to make sure that each of the teams that work with us has the best experience possible. That’s why our team has dedicated ourselves to perfecting our craft. We offer a wide range of specialty services that can achieve the goals you have in mind for your project, and we make sure to work with you throughout the process.

Making metal roofing and roofing accessories available to our community has been extremely rewarding, and we absolutely love having the opportunity to provide Allen, TX with durable roofing that can withstand anything that the Texas sky might throw its way. From installing metal roofs to dealing with the details of each and every one of your metal accessories, SR Premier Metal Works is your top destination for quality metal work.


Our Story

SR Premier Metal Works has existed, in a manner of speaking, for many years. You might recognize us as being related to Springtree Restorations, which is where it all started. After having done so much of the metal work involved in roofing projects for so long, Springtree Restoration president, AJ Huckaby, decided it was time to open up a separate building to be the home base for all of the metal work that came through Springtree Restorations.  

We are now proud to offer a wide variety of metalworking services that can make any building look amazing as well as optimize its functionality. When contractors need experts in metalwork jobs, SR Premier Metalwork is the top destination. From gutters to new roof installation, SR Premier Metal Works has the expert team to help you out.

We’re Committed To Excellence

We value each and every one of our clients that use SR Premier Metal Works for their metalworking projects, and we work hard to continue building our skills and experience with every job we complete so that we can provide the assistance that you’re looking for. We understand that not every roofing project is the same, and there can always be room for us to learn new tricks and perfect our techniques. We also understand that one of the most important aspects of completing any construction project- be it for a residential or commercial building- is maintaining a relationship with each client. We want you to have full confidence in our team, and we look forward to providing you with the results you’re looking for.

Our Services

Whether you’re looking to repair or replace a metal accessory or install a brand new metal roof, look no further for your solution. Take a quick look at some of the services we have to offer:

Metal Roofing

We can install completely new roofs on any residential or commercial building. We offer many options when it comes to building new metal roofs, including copper material. Copper roofs are incredibly durable and beautiful to boot!

Chimney Caps

To protect the interior of a home or business, a quality chimney cap will keep any unwanted animals or rainwater from coming in through the chimney.


Just about every house requires a quality gutter system. Our metal gutters will keep excessive rainwater away from your home, keeping it safe from any risk of flooding.

All this and more fall under our expertise. No matter what your project entails, we’ll help you achieve the best results possible.

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For more information on how we can help your team with a roofing project, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can discuss your needs and find the best possible solution. Call us today to learn more about our metalworking services!